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Rosemary Zibart

Playwright - Author - Journalist

Forced Journey:
The Saga of Werner Berlinger

Forced JourneyA twelve-year-old Jewish boy flees Nazi-held Germany in 1939 to find a safe haven in the United States. Werner's journey takes him across New York City from Second Avenue to Park Avenue to Harlem as he struggles to make a new life for himself and bring his family to safety as well.

Forced Journey is the second in The Far and Away Series about children displaced during the turbulent years 1939-1945.

For current events including book signings, please go to the Far and Away Series Facebook Page.

Another time Helen Keller asked her teacher,
"What is a soul?"

And Annie Sullivan replied,
"No one knows, but we know it is not the body
and it is the part of us
which thinks and loves and hopes and is invisible.

So Helen said,
"But if I write what my soul thinks, then it will be visible
and the words will be its body.






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