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Rosemary Zibart has written in many genres. She started in television, then wrote feature articles for magazine and newspaper including PARADE and the Christian Science Monitor, More recently, she’s written award-winning middle-grade novels, picture books, plays, and screenplays.

Rosemary grew up in a home surrounded by books. Her family owned a bookstore in Nashville from 1915 to 1985. She recalls turning the pages of small books before she could read and making up stories. Probably her start as a storyteller. Once able to read, Rosemary became unstoppable, hiding books under her school desk, so she could read all day. Reading, she thinks, is the best way to learn to be a writer.

She was also fortunate to be involved as an actor with the outstanding Nashville Children’s Theater which developed her love for theater.


Another great opportunity was moving to Santa Fe where she and her husband, a historic preservationist, immediately loved the warmth, open-heartedness and creative spirit of the people and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Soon afterward, they adopted two children and plunged into family life.


Gradually Rosemary’s writing segued from journalism to fiction as she began writing books for young people, plays and screenplays.
In recent years, she fulfilled a life-long dream to live in the country when her husband designed a small house in a beautiful valley about 45 minutes from Santa Fe. Their meadow attracts numerous butterflies, bees and birds.


Rosemary now does most of her writing in this quiet refuge but still enjoys dipping into town to be with friends and family.…some things are truer than true…

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Rosemary Zibart, playwright, with actors after a reading of her play, The Jewel in the Manuscript, in Pasadena CA.

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