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CITY MICE — Two estranged brothers — one an urbane New Yorker and the other a hippy farmer — try to make peace with one another, plus a little help from poetry and pot.

Finalist, TNT (Texas Non-Profit Theaters) Festival; Playwrights Lab, William Inge Playwrights Festival

City Mice

City Mice

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THE JEWEL IN THE MANUSCRIPT — Fyodor Dostoevsky and his young stenographer Anna Snitkina start to fall in love but their feelings are threatened by another woman who figures in Dostoevsky’s work and his life.

Winner, Icicle Creek Theater Festival, Seattle, WA

Finalist, Long Beach Playhouse

Finalist, Phoenix Theater New Plays Fest, Phoenix AZ

Finalist, Firestone New Play Festival

ALL TOO HUMAN — a boisterous drama unfolds when Frederick Nietzsche and his friend Paul Rée both fall in love with the beautiful passionate young intellectual Lou Salomé.

Semi-Finalist, O’Neill National Play Conference
Full Production, W21 Theater, Santa Fe, 2016

CRACKED — An Israeli family mourning the death of their patriarch discover horrifying news.

Winner of Broadway Bound Theater Festival, NYC

BABE, INC. (one-act) — A young woman impersonates a robotic woman “Babe" to accompany a guy to this mother’s funeral but chaos erupts when he discovers the ruse.

Winner, NAAA Play Fest, London; Strawberry One Act Fest, NYC.

DIVIDED — Anne Lindbergh battles to find her own voice after the death of her first child and while her husband veers closer and closer to NAZI ideology.
SMALL TOWN GIRL — A talented young woman trapped in her hometown with a disabled dad, is lured to NYC, where she’s first enchanted by the possibilities but then struggles to find her own path.
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